Little Girl and the Robot is a one stop music production house and library founded by Gingger Shankar. We specialize in music production, editing and supervision as well as sound design/FX and post audio production. We create custom music and sound for everything from feature films and commercials to web content, trailers, video games and virtual reality. Our music library features a wide spectrum of pre-cleared tracks and we represent a diverse roster of independent artists and labels.

Gingger's multimedia documentary project, ‪Nari‬, debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and was a featured piece at the ‪2016 Sundance Film Festival New Frontier program while we also recently worked with JAY Z's Roc Nation on the soundtrack for Duane Adler's 2017 feature 'Heartbeats'. LG+R also produced music and sound design for Facebook and Instagram for Business campaigns featured at Cannes Lions 2015. Recent clients have included Jeep, The New York Times, HBO, Ford Foundation and the United Nations. Gingger's music can be heard in Nonny de la Pena's powerful immersive virtual reality piece Project Syria, which was commissioned by the World Economic Forum and featured at 2015 Sundance's New Frontiers VR exhibit. Gingger has worked with some of the biggest names in music including the Smashing Pumpkins, Trent Reznor, The Flaming Lips and Brian Wilson, and can also be heard on Katy Perry's single Legendary Lover. Gingger's other projects and her touring schedule can be found here.